GTR-129 2G Single IO Asset Tracker w Backup Battery

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About The GTR-129 Modem

The GlobalSat GTR-129 was designed to be a durable and multi-functional GPS/GSM/GPRS modem with the addition of an internal backup battery. The GlobalSat GTR-129 is IP67 water resistant rated. Although the Globalsat GTR-129 can be used to track any size asset, it is ideally used on motorcycles, golf carts, or any vehicle with a small footprint that has minimal hiding spots to place the GTR-129 in. The GlobalSat GTR-129 is small, compact, and low cost for discreet and efficient tracking. The GlobalSat GTR-129 has built-in GSM and GPS antennas for easy installation without hassle. The GlobalSat GTR-129 also employs an on-board error detection engine, which has give the device ability to self-monitor for errors, and the ability to automatically generate an error report and go into system recovery mode. 

Package Contents:
• GTR-129 (main unit)
• I/O 8 Pin Interface Cable
• Velcro Tape

(SIM not included)